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Hi [Kip],

How are you? Long time no hear .

I stumbled across your website and just want to say I think it's a great idea. You might remember me as Nea Wave. I was 14-ish when I first came across the commune, and 18 when I walked over the broom. I was in Resonance for a while, then Purple briefly. Ibo and I "schitzed out" together in early '91 and have been together ever since.

There were several things about the commune that were kinda ugly and we don't care to revisit, but there were many more positives that we seem to miss deeply.

Hope you are well. Would love to hear what you've been up to all these years.


Nea continues ... 12/8/03

Hi [Kip],

Thank you for responding. I'm sorry for taking so long to write back.

We are very pleased to hear that you and Eve got married. Congratulations!!!

We're also happy to hear the good news about Libby and Reva. Please let them know that they've been in our thoughts and that we wish them both all the best. Cheers also to Tye, Mik, Jaz and Rif. I'm glad to know y'all are still close.

On your website I can see that nobody has aged a day since we last saw you. You all look great. What's in your drinking water?

Are you in touch with any other ex-Keristans? Way e-mailed me a few years ago, and we kinda 'made peace' but lost touch. Rif and I bumped into one another a few years ago in an Internet discussion group and e-mailed a few times but also lost touch. I'm curious to know how folks are doing.

Thanks for the invite to write our stories. I'd be happy to! I hope you don't mind that it'll take me a while to write?

Some stats for the website: my memory for dates is horrible, but I think we both officially joined in '90 and left in '91. My first contact with Keristans was in '86. I'm not sure about [Ibo]'s first contact date. My name was Nea Wave (Notions Enhance Awareness) and his was Ibo Strength (Ingenuity Brings Opportunity).

Yes... we still live in N. Calif, and still have the Ranch although we don't live there full-time anymore. We have a funky house in a small town in the mountains 20 miles outside Chico. [Ibo]'s business is Internet marketing/affiliate programs, but his heart is in teaching. He's in the process of shifting gears, downsizing employees and simplifying life a bit more. On the other hand, my life is as simple as it gets... I am a Veterinary Technician (and going back to school for my licensing). It took a while but I finally found a career I truly enjoy. Geez, summarizing the past 12 years in a few sentences is tough .

The animals that you knew... Bear/Jasmine the St.Bernard, and the sisters Shiva and Shea, have sadly all passed away. Shea developed a brain tumor and died in 1999. She was just shy of her 11th birthday. We currently have 7 cats and 3 canines: Cuda is a rescued Siberian Husky (distantly related to Shea & Shiva), Niko is an Alaskan Malamute, and Kiva is a wolfdog. I've been active in wolf/wolfdog and northern dog breed rescue/foster/education since leaving Kerista.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything on the website. I have some books and a few other mementos hanging around that might help(?).