I am attempting to start a kerista revival.


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I am attempting to start a kerista revival. I think that the first keristas had a fundamentally sound idea in the BFIC and it was just before its time. Do you have any advice? What do you think caused the original kerista commune to fall apart?

Do you know how to get in touch with Jud?

Thank you,

Nolan J. Werner

copyright 2004 by Kipseeks


jud used to have a website here, www.wakeinc.org. it doesn't seem to work anymore. i am almost positive you can find him in the white pages of San Francisco, under John Presmont. the last email i had was askbrojud@webtv.net, that was in March '04.

Friends have met people saying they are in Kerista-13, the 13th stage of the Kerista Commune, and i have another email from one recently, so i think he is still rapping. careful though, nolan, jud is seductive, intellectually and psychologically. you have to be able to see beyond what he says for what he means and what he wants. those are three very different things.

I honestly dont think that Kerista was ahead of or behind any time. People have been living together and doing each other since time began. I think the issues have to do more with the ideological structure and system of the community. You may like the BFIC, polyfidelity, the sleeping schedule, as most people did. But the larger issues have to do with ideology and communication.

how do you deal with ideological agreement?
ideological dissent?
religion agreement/dissent?
taking care of the children agreement/dissent?
shared money?
how do you get people to put aside their own needs for the welfare of the group?
one of our biggest failures was a model for succession, and i blame jud for that.
when it comes to sex - the issues are theoretically easier but practically harder. how do you deal with unequal sexual compatibilities?
our BFIC practiced non-preferential polyfidelity, but that was theory not practice. in practice, everyone had different sexuality issues that were more and less compatible with others. how do you have everyone sleeping together, and saying they want to sleep with everyone equally, when that isnt true? after you have slept with someone a while you discover that your connection is markedly different than your connection with others. i had great sex with some women in my BFIC and average sex with others. I didnt want to sleep with some women in my family and other women i wanted to sleep with more. non-preferential polyfidelity said i was unresolved on the lifestyle and had to leave, but that was *everyone's* experience, as far as I know... we just lied well. anyway, it is easier to share lovers than to share food (or money), as Loki once memorably said.

if you give me a better sense of your ideas i can be more specific.