Howard says Hi, went to Growth Coop and Loose Social Community and some memories

May 9, 2008

copyright 2004 by Dmitri Bilgere

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I attended perhaps a half dozen Tuesday night groups back in about 1989-90, and perhaps a similar number of parties and other events. I don't know what made me think to Google "kerista" tonight, but I have enjoyed visiting your site.

I was never really a candidate for becoming a Keristan, and I am sure that its members sensed that when I was there. Even so, I found the group fascinating. Maybe I was a bit envious that I couldn't have enough identities and lives to use one of them to be a Keristan. I did enjoy the feeling that the women were looking me over. But I sensed completely the dynamic that has been described here, that there was a dominant male member, plus several alpha females.

I attended those kerista events because it was Tuesday night, and I had nothing else to do. I lived nearby. I was curious about the Bay Area, still quite new, without any close friends. I was married, but separated and living apart.

Ultimately, my unsuitability for kerista was outed by what I understand to be the gestalt-o-rama process. I don't even remember what it was about, but suddenly, Jud was confronting me and the whole wolf pack was backing him up. I walked away and never returned.

I remember only a few of the names and faces. I often run into Eva Way around the San Francisco area, as recently as a year ago.

Since Kerista lived an experimental lifestyle so publicly, I think it would be fascinating if more of the group would write about it.

I encourage you to do so. I am interested in reading what you have to say, and in finding out more about your lives since you left.


PS: So when do I think of Kerista? What always makes me remember Kerista is hearing the announcements of Apple Computer's sales. I always will remember Lee and Way telling people that one of their utopian goals was to increase Apple's sales from $4 billion to $10 billion annually.